Frankie Series 1 Episode 2 (BBC) Review

On last week’s premiere of Frankie, it seemed as though we tagged along on the titular character’s entire fortnight’s rounds, going from unfortunate person to unfortunate person, before the district nurse’s own personal life came crashing down around her. This week, we’re focusing much more on the latter, with the nursing cases spread around supporting characters as well as Frankie. This is a good idea simply because it allows us to get to know supporting characters like Andy a little more, based on how they deal with difficult patients and the general grumbles that come with the job. I wasn’t quite so interested in what happened between Frankie and her cheating almost-fiancé Ian, however, and look forward to what the show can do with the character now that she’s single. It seems inevitable that she’ll eventually end up with Andy, who this week is revealed to be single also, but I’m guessed that union will be left until the final episode. READ MORE...


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