The Fall Series 1 Episode 2 (BBC2) Review

Last week’s slow and creepy opener to The Fall got a very good reaction from critics and audiences alike, and deserved all of it, but when watching this second episode unfold in such a particular and peculiar way, I couldn’t help but feel this was an even stronger effort. The scope of Gibson and Spector’s cat and mouse game just got a lot bigger and, via some interesting choices, it seemed we were able to see every moment through several sets of eyes. The opening sequence was masterfully done, with Stella’s casual encounter with an officer she met last week cut together with Paul lovingly tending to Sally’s corpse. There’s a lot of mirroring like this in The Fall, and it’s largely left for the audience to decide what each instance of it means but, for me, it serves to lend Spector’s secret tendencies to each of the other characters, no matter how innocent they otherwise may be – whether it’s a parent reaching out to their child, or Paul washing his daughter’s hair in much the same way he did his last victim’s. READ MORE...


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