Hey guys, thanks to covering Upfronts last week, I didn’t even see the last Mad Men until this morning. Rather than skip the review completely, I figured I’d do a very quick one before tonight’s new episode. It was, of course, fascinating to see how the merger of SDCP and CGC began, with the initial chaos and oh-so many moments of confusion, trepidation and fighting for territory. Don and Ted’s dynamic is particularly intriguing as they both seem like potentially strong natural allies and also unavoidably trying to get the better of the other – whether it be via Don getting Ted drunk or Ted putting Don’s life in his hands, via Ted flying that plane. Ted’s statement, "I have better things to do, but obviously you did too," when Don missed that meeting was a big one, as he’s not about to accept Don’s usual activity. The question is whether his presence can help Don change or simply lead to more conflict. READ MORE...


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