The Big Bang Theory - The Vengeance Formulation Recap

As I've said previously, The Big Bang Theory perpetuates solely because of its humor capabilities. If said humor disappeared entirely from the show, its appeal would be nonexistent. This week's episode proves this axiom, dropping everything appealing in favor of displaying its poorest quality: storytelling.

This week's episode begins with a plotline appearing from nowhere; resident butt monkey Howard is culminating his third date with Bernadette, a waitress alongside Penny at The Cheesecake Factory. Despite never being mentioned before, we are expected to sympathize with this character as if she has been a frequently appearing guest star. Worse, we're even supposed to recognize her and her relations with the other characters without any sort of logical context. This is a grievous error on the part of the writing staff, CBS shuffled the broadcast order of this episode, or a wormhole opened and spat out this episode from another dimension, where all of this makes sense.

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