'Criminal Minds' Season 8 finale: Who fell victim to The Replicator?

In the "Criminal Minds" Season 8 finale, the identity of The Replicator was revealed -- Mark Hamill guest-starred as Agent John Curtis, an FBI agent who screwed up on the Amerithrax case and was demoted. He blamed BAU and more specifically Alex Blake. He's been taking his revenge on the team all season. In the finale, he drugged Strauss and forced her to drink, killing her. She was on to him, unbeknownst to the others, so Curtis had to take her out.But it was her quick thinking that clued the team into his identity, as he carved a figure 8 into her wrist -- which was a planted clue in a DOJ report that wasn't actually a replication of anything. The team tracked him down to his Virginia compound, where Rossi managed to get Curtis trapped with his own explosives, taking him out. The team buried and honored Strauss and now will turn to Season...



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