Mad Men “The Crash”: An Expert Opinion

While this episode opens with a wild joyride, I can’t help but wonder if Don Draper will ever experience the full crash promised by the show’s opening credits. The most unexpected aspect of "The Crash" is the high-speed beginning, which marks a first for a show with a notoriously deliberate pace (one that makes Ken Cosgrove look like the victim of a carjacking at the fleshy hands of privileged middle management types). The introduction of a dubious hypodermic elixir for the overworked staff of the agency might have a manic bent, but we’ve seen the crew toil through a weekend at the office via alcohol and marijuana (Season Four, "The Suitcase"). The Draper’s Manhattan apartment may have been broached by the kindliest of home invaders, but we’ve seen them assaulted by a toxic mist (Season Five, "Dark Shadows") READ MORE...


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