Defiance: Jaime Murray and Tony Curran Discuss Syfy's Castithan Power Couple

Earlier this month Defiance co-stars Jaime Murray and Tony Curran, who play Stahma & Datak Tarr respectively, graciously spent 90mins on a highly informative conference-call with members of the press to answer in-depth questions about their Castithan characters, the show and more. One of the first questions asked was what first attracted them to their individual roles? Curran revealed, "The first thing that attracted me was the script - the size and scale of it all and how challenging this would be, and also playing an alien and all that would entail. For me it all comes down to the characters. Having interesting characters that people can relate to is the most important thing. I was also attracted to playing someone from a different planetary system who's actually a kid from the gutter as well. It's an interesting character I wanted to explore, something like Sense and Sensibility, when someone from the gutter ends up marrying someone from the upper echelons of society." READ MORE...


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