Beelzebub Episode #45 Anime Review

With Oga, Beel and Aoi off on their mountain training, the show focuses a bit more on Furuichi and Lamia as they continue their search for Lord En. The pair have gotten a rather sizable following in their pursuit of him and have a good little gang at this point which is just comical in and of itself since Furuichi isn’t the type that you’d expect to end up in a situation like this. But he’s not the only surprise as they head over to Himakawa’s place and discover that his family is some huge, wealthy family and he has several floors of a massive skyscraper all to himself. It’s not a surprise that at least on in this group of ruffians would be like this, and Himakawa certainly makes sense to be the one. You can see the mixture of shock and conniving going on with everyone else as they deal with it in different ways. READ MORE...


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