Beelzebub Episode #50 Anime Review

After taking a bit of a break for the New Years holiday in which we got the Saiyuki parody, Beelzebub gets back to its main storyline for its fiftieth episode. A series that I certainly never had any expectations of making it this far or even half as far as it did. The series has definitely skewed its own ways in a lot of ways but it’s also played well to traditional comedy and shonen style elements, feeling far more "old school" than many other shows out there while still keeping things current and fun. Beelzebub isn’t above messing with its viewers in fun ways though, hence the situation where we are now after the last battle where Oga has found himself inside of Beel’s body. Something nobody else expected at first either, resulting in a real look of panic in everyone’s faces. READ MORE...


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