Beelzebub Episode #60 Anime Review

After going a bit big last episode with some good fight son the new academy’s grounds and the overall scale of the threat posed by the 34 Pillars, it went in a very big way towards the end when Beel and Oga combined. That’s been something not used often thankfully but when they do draw it out, it’s very cute and fun and shows the neat relationship the two have. Of course, what made it a bad episode was the discovery that this is the series finale now and we’ve got no more coming. So it intends to play things as best as it can, such as showing the sad side of things at the start as everyone thinks Oga’s bought the farm. Instead, he’s just been spending some time in the demon world before he and Beel made their way back. It’s comical what he went through since it was hardly a danger. READ MORE...


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