Before Midnight - Review

The first time we saw Jesse and Celine, the ardent duo played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in Richard Linklater's 1995 romantic talkfest Before Sunrise, the two were meeting on a train and spending one long night wandering around Vienna — exactly the sort of random encounter that can feel like starry-eyed destiny when you're in your mid-20s. In 2004, Linklater reunited the two characters in the equally lovely Before Sunset, in which the bedazzled possibilities of youth began to bump up against the sobering realities of experience. If, like me, you adored the first two movies, Jesse and Celine will now seem like old friends to you, and it's likely that you'll go into Before Midnight, the third chapter in their saga, expecting another poetically touching conversational love song. Yet Before Midnight confounds expectations in powerful and even haunting ways. It's not just darker than the previous two films. It's bigger, deeper, and more searching. It follows the characters through a tale of embattled love that extends far beyond them. READ MORE...


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