One Piece Episode #531 Anime Review

The meeting of King Neptune in the previous episode was a kind of odd moment, one that almost feels like it takes you of the series a bit, though a lot of the perceptions come from what we know of Neptune through mythology established in "the real world" rather than how it is in the One Piece mythology. Luffy’s obliviousness to how important it is can be amusing but the reactions of others makes things clear, and also further establishes just how big Luffy’s reputation is with the Straw Hats at this point in time that Neptune is doing what he’s doing. With all that’s happened in the last few years, and especially at the War of the Best, Luffy and the others have definitely had the kind of impression left that reaches the same level as other big name pirates. Whether it can translate into a long term reputation is something else altogether. READ MORE...


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