One Piece Episode #533 Anime Review

The Ryugu Palace storyline has certainly been amusing in a basic way, both as we have the couple of Straw Hats together getting in trouble as they’re accused of murder and as you have Luffy and the mermaid princess who at first freaked out by him but then saw him as a potential ally in getting things done that she wants to do. With the new Fish-men pirates getting involved as well and the return of Zoro to the main group, there’s a lot of things going on but it all hasn’t come together in a way that feels cohesive yet. Like a lot of One Piece story, it weaves a few different things that while they make sense individually, may not make sense as a whole storyline until towards the end of it, so it does require some patience. The various things going on now has enough to hold interest, but it hasn’t really wowed. I’m still finding that Young Luffy flashback storyline to be a lot more entertaining overall at the moment. READ MORE...


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