One Piece Episode #536 Anime Review

One Piece has a lot going on at this point and has moved the core group of Straw Hats around a fair bit, separating them up as things start to coalesce and the main point of the arc slowly comes to the surface, so to speak. It’s had some interesting points but it’s also felt like it’s been a bit lazy, meandering around with the story itself. While it has ramped things up a bit in the last couple of episodes, you still can’t seem to shake the feeling that all of this is just fluff and fanfare without any real meat behind it. And after all the lengthy arcs after Marineford that was similar in a way, it feels like the show really needs to get fully on track with something big again. It’s enjoyable, but the main point to it all here was mostly just to get the gang back together and go through a storyline that reinforces everything. Manga fans may know where it’s going from here, but I’m clueless and wonder if this has any greater impact. READ MORE...


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