One Piece Episode #541 Anime Review

As the under the sea dance continues, One Piece spends more of its time here with a little bookend in the present that works to tell the tale of the past for the Fish-Man Island and what happened there. We got a good look in the previous episode with regards to Jimbei’s past there with Fisher Tiger and how Jimbei did things right overall, even though he was something of a ruffian, just one with a sense of honor about him there. The early look at what was going on in the island ties into the start of the series as well since it showed us an early look at Arlong before he set out to achieve his own goals, which in turn had him and his band taking over Nami’s home island which lead to deaths that impacted her for many years and got her to work for Arlong for quite a few of them as well in an effort to expand her mapping skills and wealth for her own plans. READ MORE...


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