One Piece Episode #552 Anime Review

While this arc has been a bit off for me in some ways, there are things I’m enjoying and things I’m not. The one that’s been the hardest to deal with is Shirahoshi. She’s a young character overall, but she seems to act even younger than what she really is which makes her kind of grade on me in a lot of ways just because of her attitude. With her being largely off screen for awhile now, it’s not been bad, but when she hits the start of this episode and falls for an old trick, one made just for her to be sure, and even Jimbei gets caught up in you just want to cringe. Having them added to the collection of other prisoners along with Neptune and the princes just puts them all together, but Shirahoshi just rubs me the wrong way. Amusingly, she doesn’t seem as bad when Luffy’s involved with her though. READ MORE...


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