Orphan Black Season 1 Review “Unconscious Selection”

Fans of Orphan Black began tweeting up a storm last night about the "huge twist" at the end of the episode. I prefer to watch the show on Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee, so I closed Twitter before I stumbled across any spoilers. When I finally reached the big reveal this morning, I wasn’t as floored as others seem to have been. Helena and Sarah are twins. Rather, they share the same birth mother. As always with this show, we don’t have the entire story yet, so it’s hard to draw any conclusions. But, if Helena and Sarah were separate embryos implanted into the surrogate, then their twin-ship doesn’t mean a whole lot. They’re still just genetic copies – like Alison, Cosima, Katja, and the others we haven’t met. If we discover that they are monozygotic, that would be a far more interesting twist; particularly if there is some genetic design that would prohibit such an occurrence. That would be the shot across the bow in the battle between science and nature. No matter how perfect a Neolutionist design may seem nature will always be the superior force. READ MORE...


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