Mad Men 6.09 "The Better Half" Review

Don Draper is always striving for the thing he doesn't have and this episode of Mad Men explored the idea of reconciling the life these characters want to lead with the life they do lead. Don gets another chance to experience a past relationship and in doing so is given a lesson in how hard it is to really be with him. Last season Don managed to break his old habits as he managed to stay faithful to Megan for the whole year. This period is over and he has been having an affair with a woman in their building and now that has ended he sleeps with Betty in this episode. Betty has got her mojo back as she has lost all the weight and she's become an object of desire again. Earlier in the episode she is propositioned at an event and when she tells Henry about it, instead of getting possessive he is turned on by it. Betty is leered at by a gas station attendant and previously Don might have got aggressive about this, but he doesn't and like Henry he finds this moment to be alluring. At the diner with Betty and Bobby, Don gets to have the perfect family moment, but when he had all of this it was rarely this pleasant. Don is the guy (like most people) who wants the thing he doesn't have and when he does get it, it doesn't fill that empty hole in the way he hopes. READ MORE...


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