'Arrested Development' Season 4 answers: The watermark, Steve Holt gets old, Henry Winkler's son and more!

If you haven't yet watched the new episodes of "Arrested Development," steer clear of this article! But if you have tuned in to Season 4, chances are you might have some questions about some of the jokes. (Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.) We've gathered the most Something-Searched "Arrested Development" questions from the first day of streaming and found some answers for you.1. Was that really Justin Grant Wade, who played Steve Holt in the first three seasons? When Gob's son, Steve Holt, reappeared in Season 4, he was barely recognizable -- as Michael so gently put it, he looked fifty years old. In real life, Wade still looks his age (he's 29!). He just wore a bald cap with a wig to make it look like his hairline had drastically receded for Season 4. 2. Was that watermark an error? Whenever the new season integrated a clip from Seasons 1-3, which...



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