'The Glades' Season 4 cliffhanger: Will Callie say yes to Jim's proposal?

The big cliffhanger at the end of "The Glades" Season 3 happened when Jim proposed to Callie unexpectedly. Now that Season 4 is coming, fans will finally be able to get some answers. Does Callie say yes? What happens if she says no? What can we expect to come next?While visiting the set of "The Glades" earlier this summer, Matt Passmore and Kiele Sanchez hinted a bit about what's to come.Are you engaged now?Kiele Sanchez: Um, no ... I, uh, what can I say? Um ...When after the proposal does Season 4 begin?Sanchez: It doesn't pick up right at the second that the last episode ended. You don't actually get to see my answer.Why would Callie say no to Jim?Sanchez: Well, I think that the thing that's difficult for my character is that she's made so many sacrifices to get where she is, to be in Atlanta and away from her son. This relationship...



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