One Piece Episode #556 Anime Review

Claiming it’s impossible odds is something that amuses me about One Piece, since we saw what happened before when just Luffy and the crew he was with went up against some of the best of the best back at Marineford. With the Straw Hats at his side, having some 50,000 Fish-Men to deal with just doesn’t seem like a threat. While Hordy may have his potential as a villain still to be tested, and Van Decker is out there somewhere getting ready to throw a wrench into things, the bulk of what the Straw Hats have to face is essentially what you’d call cannon fodder. Or foot fodder for Sanji with his killer moves and everything that Zoro can do. Never mind the sheer presence that Luffy can invoke to throw everything into a tailspin. That’s not to say there won’t be a challenge here, but it’s hard to get enthused about an all out brawl unless you’re playing it in a video game yourself. READ MORE...


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