One Piece Episode #558 Anime Review

With the previous episode giving the Straw Hats all a chance to shine individually as they took on Hordy’s crew, it worked on a basic level and was fun to watch in that regard, even if Franky still makes me cringe a bit. What it brought into the end though with the Ship of Promise, aka Noah, it left me wondering what this big event would be all about. While we got a glimpse at it about half a year ago or so in the series, it’s essentially been off my radar ever since. But as One Piece is always likely to do, it draws on things it’s shown and hinted at before and brings them back in a big way. With this ship being the biggest ship in the series so far (yes, I looked it up!), it brings a certain scale to events that cause everyone – Neptune included – to just stop and panic. READ MORE...


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