Mad Men Season 6 Review “The Better Half”

Last night’s episode of Mad Men demonstrated that even as things change, people remain fundamentally the same. When the episode opened to the battle of the butter raging on, I expected another humdrum, agency-centric storyline. I was wrong. Instead, "The Better Half" delved back into Peggy’s and Don’s psyches, and the discoveries there were downright depressing. We should start with the most shocking moment of any Mad Men episode to date – Don and Betty sleep together. I’m not sure anyone could have seen that coming. For Don/Betty fans, there is still no hope of reconciliation. This was mostly about Betty regaining her power now that she has lost weight. She revels in being the center of attention: Henry’s coworker propositions her, Henry is more aggressively amorous, and even a teenage gas station attendant can’t help but ogle her. Her vanity is what ultimately brings her back into Don’s arms.READ MORE...


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