Toriko Episode #02 Review

The introduction of Toriko and Komatsu in the first episode sets the stage easily for what’s to come as we get to know the basic love of ingredients, food and where it all actually comes from. Both of them are very much true Gourmet Hunters in that they treat it all with respect and adoration, not just as a job, and not just as a way to make money or gain fame, but rather to bring wonderful tastes to the world for others to experience. It’s cheesy to be sure, but I rather liked that Toriko himself falls into the classic big muscled guy type when they could have easily gone for a wiry and lean lead instead. Giving him the overly energetic and talk-heavy Komatsu as a partner brings that side of it out well enough, but it lets us latch onto a more stoic lead. As stoic as a Gourmet Hunter can be of course. READ MORE...


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