Toriko Episode #05 Review

With the multi-part story for Toriko rolling along here, we’re thrown right back into the mix again as Komatsu gets to face off against a Devil Python after having his captor run in absolute terror from it. While Komatsu has had some cute moments since the series began, he hasn’t a chance to really define himself yet and to make a stand. He’s the kind of character you expect, but the one you hope changes relatively early on as you don’t want him to b the damsel in distress on a regular basis. You know it will happen to some degree, being the weaker character, the younger character, and being partnered with Mister Awesome himself, Toriko, but you want to see Komatsu hold his own and to start to be able to push back against some of the things they have to face in the hunts for the best ingredients. READ MORE...


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