Toriko Episode #08 Review

Toriko has gone on kind of an odd path for the last episode or two, which is really saying a lot considering the nature of the series, as it’s dealt with this arena and the Battle Wolf specifically that has her fighting to save the life of her little cub. It’s had its moments and we’ve gotten to see Toriko unleash his strength to some degree, but it’s also introduced the first real element of evil into the series with the mysterious group that’s orchestrating all of this. Where this episode goes by introducing the GT Robot that Toriko gets to fight only adds to the strangely disjointed nature that this arc seems to exhibit. There’s something about it from the very start that has simply felt off, though at least in the first couple of minutes we get an understanding of the creature that we had seen before in the previous arc that staggered out from the darkness and walked right by Toriko. READ MORE...


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