Toriko Episode #11 Review

A lot’s been going on in the world of Toriko as it works its bigger arc as we can tell by the recap we get at the start of the episode that makes it feel like we’re hundreds of episodes into the series like One Piece. Which is comical since we’re now eleven episodes into it. It is useful though as a reminder of what happened since so much of Toriko in the last couple of episode shave felt like it’s just washing over you with a series of events that aren’t connecting all that well. With the group split, having Sunny and Komatsu on their journey while Toriko and the woman he’s with make their progress riding their beast, there’s a lot going on but it continues to feel a bit empty. It’s also bringing in some less than believable things, like the Candy Tree. Toriko asks you to suspend disbelief a lot, but this takes the cake. Literally. READ MORE...


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