Toriko Episode #12 Review

With the way the last couple of episodes have gone with the two separate teams running about, this episode brings them both together right at the start, though not without a bit of trouble as a Regal Mammoth is tumbling down the mountain and is about to crush everyone. You do have to give Toriko credit for quick thinking and creative thinking at that in order to save not only Sunny and Komatsu, but also himself and the women that are with him. It’s nicely done overall, farfetched as the end result is, and it’s amusing to see that the Regal Mammoth simply get up afterwards, dust itself off, and move on its merry way. Which is actually a problem since they are trying to capture such a beast. And it is a best, especially in comparison to the baby one that we saw before. It’s hard to imagine these beasts roaming the land easily and in any amount of numbers. READ MORE...


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