Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #19 Review

The regional tournament finals are now underway and it’s a bit of an extra important piece for Kamui as he intends to go up against Gouki and Team Handsone to show him just how much he’s grown since they last played. He’s all revved up right at the start and itching for it, but he’s completely thrown mentally when it’s revealed that it’s not Gouki that he’ll be playing against but rather Nagisa. Who is playing for love as she continues to talk about how she’ll marry him one day. Nagisa is in sort of the same boat as Aichi is in a way as she’s watched Kamui play every day when he used to come to the shop so she’s not exactly a neophyte. She’s trained hard in order to show Kamui that she’s worth of him. READ MORE...


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