Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #20 Review

To some degree, you have to feel for Kamui as he ends up losing in the opening moment of the episode and becomes betrothed to Nagisa through the bet that was made, which has them all talking about the wonderful honeymoon they’ll have and all that. Kamui certainly doesn’t want anything to do with Nagisa, so it’s like a more extreme version of what he’s been doing to Emi, which of course he won’t realize at all since he’s still so focused on just trying to get away from Nagisa and to win over Emi. It doesn’t help that Emi and Nagisa could easily be friends at that and to make his life even more of a hell. It’s a cute bit of an opening for the show as it basically lets Kamui get a little taste of his own medicine. READ MORE...


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