Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #21 Review

With the final round of the regionals underway, there’s the potential for the big fights as Team Q4 goes up against Team Handsome. There’s nothing riding on this beyond reputation, no lives in the balance, romances that will be crushed or childhood angst to be avenged. It’s all about just winning and showing off your skill at this point. With the way the matches have progressed, Aichi has certainly learned a lot along the way and has grown as a Cardfighter and is now capable of show it all off. What’s really surprising to others is the kind of confidence that he has as the fight gets going as he plays strongly, aggressively, but not with a poor or overconfident attitude. He’s playing to win but he’s not going to brutalize the other person verbally or through the style he uses. READ MORE...


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