Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #22 Review

Aichi’s growth from a young player with no experience to someone who has managed to work his way to the final round of the regionals certainly says a lot about his ability. As well as just how lucky he is. With his match against Gouki, he’s definitely facing a challenge unlike before but is doing his best with it as he’s completely visualized himself now as the Buster Blade and is going strong against him. But it’s not an overwhelming kind of series of attacks but rather the kind of fight where every inch is a true battle as they go at it. Aichi’s got an interesting variety of cards to play, and that brings out some fun combinations as he goes at it and Gouki has plenty of his own as well. I do like that both of them pull out different types to use and they don’t necessarily dominate for awhile but instead get wiped clean in an instant because of their ineffectiveness against a strong opponent. Rather than dragging it out on both sides, they each take their hits and move on to the next attack.READ MORE...


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