Reaction Time: Building 26

I'm not really sure why this episode was called Building 26. That storyline was very much not the main focus...partly because I don't think there WAS a main focus. This week marks an end of the exponential rise in quality, I think. Heroes didn't really go downhill, but there was less excitement (necessity of setting up the next few episodes) and the focus was split between too many not-that-interesting plot lines. Best part of the entire episode? The last thirty seconds (more on that in a bit).

Let me break down Building 26 in my usual style. (By story line, this week):


Let me start by saying, WTF.

Not to diminish the impact of Indian traditionalist grandfather's and the plight of their lovely Indian enterprising granddaughters but seriously, YAWN. Remember how much we all adored Charlie when Hiro and Ando went off to save her, despite the fact that she wasn't particularly interesting and definitely not important in the long run? Yeah. Not so much with...what was her name? Oops, I already forgot. On purpose.

THAT ASIDE, this new Hiro and Ando dynamic makes me want to shoot myself in the face. WHY is Hiro still acting like a f*ing ten-year-old?! He's always been a bit...juvenile, I suppose. But mostly it was fanboydom wrapped in idealistic nobility - aka, good times. Now, he's just sort of a whiny bitch. And Ando is only angry at him for, like, five seconds. If this little "conflict" wasn't going to be developed, is there a reason why Hiro and Ando needed their own separate storyline this episode? I mean REALLY. Did we SERIOUSLY need to make this entire detour just so they can get a FAX?

In case you couldn't tell, this part of the episode greatly disappointed me. The Hiro/Ando storylines are usually some of the best, so it's just sad to see this.


So I was really excited about Homeland Lady. She seemed like someone who might be a genuine moral voice (something Heroes has kind of lacked since Hiro started behaving like get my point). Anyway, apparently her Constitution-thumping came to naught, as did her friendship with Tracy.

Speaking of Tracy, only THREE lines in this entire episode! (I counted.) The fact that she killed a guy almost demands respect. But not quite, because it was all a manipulation by Zeljko Ivanek...who is still my favorite part of this new Chapter. Because he is a BADASS. And also because he helps show how lame Nathan is.

As for you, Nathan, please stop pretending to have a conscience. You put Parkman in the same category as Sylar, which proves how completely unstable you are. No one actually believes you when you try to justify this project. We all know its just because you're a dick with daddy issues who feels cheated by having powers thanks to genetic manipulation and not just genetics.


I think the best way for me to express my feelings on this storyline is to share my notes (yes, I take notes):

[from the beginning to the end of the episode]

- "So you're like a serial killer." Wow I hate this kid. Please kill him now.

- Warm fuzzy Sylar is no fun. Holy crap I hate this Luke kid. Holy crap. Please kill him NOW.




- Oh no. Oh no. Sylar you did NOT just save that f*ing kid. No. F* no. DAMMIT. YOU'LL KILL FREAKING ELLE BUT SAVE THIS DUMBASS KID?

To translate: I hate Luke Campbell. That thing I said last week about him being possibly valuable for expanding the Sylar character? Madness. Kill this kid now. Permanently. Before Sylar gets any lamer. (HE WAS SOOO AWESOME IN 'A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER,' WHAT HAPPENED???)


I have never liked Claire, so it sort of pains me to say that she was one of my favorite parts of this episode. But she definitely was. It is FANTASTIC to see her standing up against HRG in a way that isn't crying and whining and trying to



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Feb 17, 2009 12:16PM EST

yeah, right on the mark. Hiro, most annoying kid, maybe his mother didn't cure him well. Nathan, I could strangle him! Sylar, for all his powers, killing the kid is certainly a "good purpose" for using them. And Claire, well, we'll see. Anyway, Ivanek is certainly a very heartless Hunter, if he could at least get rid of Nathan in his process...

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Feb 17, 2009 3:39PM EST

i totally agree with what you wer saying about the hiro/ando part this week it was totally pointless tbh...
but about the sylar/luke, i think thats sylar shouldn't kill him, i feel hes the only one who can acctually save the rest of the 'heroes', and if hes still killing for powers then its pointless as all the heroes will be capture eventually as non have good anought powers to take on the whole project..
overall i agree mostly on what you say here...

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Feb 18, 2009 4:01PM EST

I agree about Ando and Hiro somewhat.I didn't believe their story-line was completely pointless, I think it's setting it up for a new side of Ando, he won't just be the sidekick comic relief anymore. I like that.I do agree though, the way Hiro was this last episode pissed me off.Hiro is one of my favorite characters, yes he's childish, but fun. And he's always been extremely loyal and to make him out like a whiny unsupportive friend was weird.
I kinda like the Luke/Sylar story actually. It's not fantastic right now but I think it will lead to a good story. I do think they're brothers, though.
Claire on the other hand... I really can't stand her character. I think the show needs her but I still think the "Oh my daddy is a bad guy" story and then finding out "He's just doing it for her", has been soooooo overused. And I swear if she whines again, I may shoot myself. Not really, but still, it's annoying. I am liking this new guy, the fish guy, I wonder if anything will develop between them?
Who knows?
My last thing is I am pissed about Daphne. I could go on and on and on. She was my favorite character and her and Matt's story was so sweet, the best romance on this show, I thought. I can't believe they killed her off after not even a whole season!Well anyways, agree? disagree?

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