Sword Art Online Episode #16 Anime Review

With the events that have transpired in the series so far, what with it ending the Sword Art Online game just after the halfway mark of the season, it definitely leaves you wondering just what it is that it would do. The previous episode served very well as a transitional bridge piece in which we see the real world fallout from Sword-Art-Online as well as what happened to Asuna and how Kirito has dealt with it. It felt like it worked really well, especially when we had the threat of what’s to come for her from Sugou and how he intends to use her to gain power and then the almost secretive hint given to Kirito that Asuna may be trapped inside this new game, Alfheim Online. It’s hard to imagine him wanting to go into that kind of connective world again so soon, but what better incentive than the woman he married before? READ MORE...


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