Sword Art Online Episode #20 Anime Review

With Kirito and Leafa working together so well, they’ve had a few good adventures up to this point but it’s now reached an awkward stage. Things need to be done and Kirito is running out of time in general in order to save Asuna. But with his sense of justice, he can’t leave Leafa to her fate with the others that are pushing back against the Salamanders, who themselves have set up quite the little show of force. With both sides about to turn to full on war, Kirito manages to insert himself in the way that a young man does with a situation like this. Right in the middle of it. Taking into consideration his mindset from the Sword Art Online days, where he knows he can logout but still treats it all as very series, he takes a stand for Leafa’s group as an ambassador while faking out an alliance of some sort. READ MORE...">READ MORE...


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