Sword Art Online Episode #25 Anime Review

With a bit of a cheat and a sense of ease that will certainly bother some but will please others with its "game mechanics" aspect, the show moved quickly in the previous episode to bring Kirito and Asuna back together in the game, allowing larger elements to bring a sense of closure to it while also hinting that the future will not be anywhere near as easy. Considering what the pair went through back in Sword Art Online, I certainly can’t begrudge them having a bit of an easier time dealing with the endgame enemy that they had in this game or the little twist that was carried over from the previous game. It all felt like foundation material for the future more than anything else, and it also gave me what I really wanted; the two leads back together and a shift towards the real world to get the ending and new start that they should have together. READ MORE...


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