Chuck Season 3 Episode 7: 'Chuck Versus The Mask' Recap - Featured

We open with Shaw in black lowering himself into a vault with a gold Aztec-looking mask on a pedestal in the center; a bolt falls onto the floor from his descent rig and sets off the alarm. The vault closes and the air is siphoned out of the room. Shaw asks Casey over the com, "Is the Intersect busy?"

Hannah is telling the Intersect she wants him to teach her, but what she had in mind was NOT for Chuck to run off after Sarah. She asks Morgan about him, mystified at what meaning his continuing relationship with Sarah could have. Morgan, however, is just as mystified, especially when Chuck says he has to run off on a Nerd Herd emergency. Morgan is the assistant manager; he should know before Chuck about any repair calls. Hannah runs off after him, ostensibly to shadow the emergency. As he goes to work on the server Hannah walks in. Chuck is shocked but forced to have Hannah help him. The fix works, Shaw is saved. Chuck and Hannah are hired on the spot by the curator to ensure that there are no snags at the unveiling of the mask the next night.

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