One Piece Episode #594 Anime Review

One Piece’s Punk Hazard arc picked up a bit more in the last couple of episodes after a whole lot of circling around with things when it comes to introducing hte island and some of its secrets. As it moved on, there were a lot of good bits brought into it, including adding Trafalgar Law to it, who is growing in importance it seems as he’s trying to strike a deal with Luffy to form an alliance. To take down one of the Emperor’s no less, which on some level definitely appeals to Luffy. And when it comes to Trafalgar, because of past events, he’s going to give him the benefit of the doubt to be sure as the two have a stronger connection now. That’s something that Chopper can’t quite grasp as he watches on while in Franky’s body as Trafalgar reveals which of them he wants to take out with his help. All obscured of course, just to make it a bit more dramatic for the viewer. But you can tell a lot from Luffy’s expression and the hilarious way he simply agrees on the spot. READ MORE...


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