One Piece Episode #595 Anime Review

One Piece has worked through a variety of things with the Punk Hazard arc and taken a number of odd turns, which is the norm for just about every One Piece arc. Thankfully, the majority of the body switching is behind us, though there are still a few people who haven’t gone back to normal just yet. The biggest change that we’ve really had so far though is the temporary alliance that Luffy has formed with Trafalgar and his Heart Pirates, which has surprised a lot of the Straw Hats, but they’re gone along with it because there is a definite amount of trust that exists between them and Luffy after all these years and the range of adventures that they’ve had together. Being in the midst of watching the Water 7 arc on DVD while going through simulcasts reminds you of how they can break and how those breaks have reinforced the bonds overall. READ MORE...


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