Space Brothers Episode #54 Anime Review

With a couple of recap episodes behind it already, it can be kind of problematic for ongoing fans to have another recap episode, especially as it once again delves into recent material overall. But there’s also the real reason for it, beyond giving the animators a chance to catch up and be ready for the kinds of episodes that are yet to come. The series changed to a much better time slot recently and these episodes help to introduce them to the years worth of episode that have come out so far and makes the show a bit more accessible to them going forward. It’s just one of the downsides to dealing with same-day viewing in that we have to acknowledge the actual broadcast realities in the home territory. And frankly, if they can get more viewers and run longer – since there’s a lot of material in the manga yet to cover – then I’m all for taking a few weeks to do this. READ MORE...


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