Space Brothers Episode #56 Anime Review

With the show thankfully moving past the whole desert survival arc, which included three episodes of recap material that I understood the need for, the show feels like it’s progressing once again. Especially now that the teams are moving on to the next phase of what they have to do in creating their rovers in a limited amount of time. As we saw before, this puts Mutta’s team at a disadvantage since they came back so late, last place and all, but also because they’re just a bit tired. And we also saw that while some of the other teams were interested in a bit of down time after the desert training, others just barreled right into it and started to widen their lead more. The competitive nature of astronauts is no surprise – it’s more a surprise to see some wanting to ease down a bit – so ramping things up for the next phase here isn’t a shock at all with how they’ll react to what Vincent is throwing at them. READ MORE...


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