Space Brothers Episode #58 Anime Review

Having seen some softening going on in the previous episode when it came to Pico and the group, it helped to make him a bit more of an interesting character rather than just an ass who has a stick up his butt. Enough so that he started to see some really good ideas coming out of the group and that helped to motivate him to help a bit, something that he’s surprised himself about having happened. What made it even more surprising was at the end, we have Vince and Mutta going out for drinks together, something that you’d never expect based on the way Vince was looking at Mutta from the get go. But there’s always something about Mutta that draws people to him in odd and unusual ways, and Vince is definitely a combination of the two. Add in the relationship that Vince and Pico have, and you get something quite curious. READ MORE...


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