'Game of Thrones' pop culture translations: Dothraki for 'That's what she said'

Anyone who watches "Game of Thrones" is familiar with the guttural and foreign-sounding Dothraki language. But did you know that this is a "real" language, containing a vocabulary of about 3700 words? Based on this information, Vulture got David J. Peterson, the language's creator, to translate a bunch of pop-culture phrases into Daenerys Targaryen's adopted tongue.The list of phrases we learn in the article is limited but rather entertaining. You can even listen to how each silly sentence sounds in the original article. To get you started, however, here are the translations.First up, we have Taylor Swift's famous song title and song refrain."We are never ever getting back together"Kisha nemo vos akemaki vos save vosecchi vosa.Next, here is Michael Scott's catchphrase from "The Office.""That's what she said." Hazi reki ast me.Going a little darker, here is a phrase from Walter White of "Breaking Bad.""I am the one who knocks." Anha vekhikh fin mema.We can't...



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