Guillermo del Toro Pitches PACIFIC RIM as Dreams of 11-Year-Old You in New Featurette That Takes You Inside the Jaeger’s Head

"The action in the movie is what you would have dreamt to see when you were eleven years old." That’s Guillermo del Toro’s sales pitch in the opening of a new featurette for Pacific Rim. It’s important to note that Del Toro has about $200 million from Warner Bros. to make those dreams come true. The story follows the pilots who control giant robots (called Jaegers) to fight off giant sea monsters. This featurette takes you inside the head of the Jaeger where the pilots strap in to go into battle. Del Toro wanted to achieve as much as possible with practical effects—he compares the resulting four-story set as both a "little amusement park simulator" and a "torture machine" for the actors. READ MORE...


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