Religulous Movie Review

Read the whole review here.Religulous? For starters, it rhymes with incredulous. As in "Bill Maher can't help being incredulous in the face of anything he deems supernatural," or "Bill Maher is incredulous that anyone could think differently than he does" - you get the idea. On the surface, the 100 plus minute mockumentary...


Oct 12, 2008 1:24AM EDT

ummm no, it's Religion and RIDICULOUS actually. As in... people who believe in a magical man hovering in the sky granting wishes ARE ridiculous.

Default avatar cat
Oct 14, 2008 8:20PM EDT

Christianity is vague, the traditions are obviously barrowed from previous religions, and people translate what is said in the bible to whatever they want. I'm not saying Christianity can't be a true faith, but I doubt anyone in the world has it right. Jimmy I'm pretty sure you're a hypocrit. You're judging him on what he believes. Now, Jesus Christ, isn't that a coincidince. It's a comedy get over it. Don't be headstrong without true values, that's the problem with too many Religulions.

Default avatar cat
Oct 15, 2008 9:36AM EDT

LoveGun, he linked to the review, he didn't write it. Just some food for thought.

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