Hunter X Hunter Episode #60 Anime Review

With Gon and Killua having started their adventure when it comes to the Greed Island storyline once again, we do get some time here showing us the movement of the other characters. I rather like that we see that Kurapika is going off to continue his job and to give Gon and Killua some time on their own to focus on training again. But he’s also going with Melody, something that Leorio is really glad to see happen since Kurapika really has opened up to her. She and Leorio have a brief moment here, but it’s one that works exceptionally well and hints a bit more at what some of Leorio will eventually get back to working with. It helps to provide a little bridge to their stories as everything goes back to the younger pair, but leaves you with hope that we might get some time with them along the way. READ MORE...


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