Hunter X Hunter Episode #61 Anime Review

With the Greed Island arc now underway, it’s definitely one of those "challenging" storylines since it’s taking a group of characters and putting them into a game. When this was originally written, there wasn’t all that much of an idea about this, though it had come up in a few ways as the videogame age was growing. Since then, and in this past year alone, we’ve had a lot more series and exploration of such ideas in great detail and in a variety of ways. Because of that, Hunter x Hunter is likely to look a bit quaint in a way due to that, but it’ll also show its shonen origins more, something that most of the recent shows haven’t done much of, so it’ll give it its own stamp when you get down to it. What makes this series work of course are the characters, and getting a good Gon and Killua story in a virtual gaming world will definitely be a lot of fun, even as complicated as they’re making all of it. READ MORE...


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