Hunter X Hunter Episode #63 Anime Review

With Biscuit, who prefers to be called Bisky, having made her play to work with Gon and Killua, she’s certainly attempting to call the shots. The boys are amusing in this as they talk about how they already have someone to teach them the important elements of Nen in Wing, but what we learn is that Bisky is actually his teacher. And she hasn’t seen him since he was a little boy, which is an adorable image. The teacher of their teacher is one thing that’s hard to pass up though, even with her personality and domineering way, but the whole relationship aspect of it just adds something rather adorable to it all. Bisky isn’t someone that I connected with early on in her introduction in the show because of her personality, but she’s definitely the type that the more you know of her, the more fun she is to watch in seeing how she interacts with everyone else. READ MORE...


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