Hunter X Hunter Episode #77 Anime Review

The new arc kicked off in a somewhat surprising way in the previous episode with just a whole lot of sitting around and talking. Good talking, as Gon and Killua ended up finding a man named Kite that knew his father and was able to impart a lot of information to him in small ways, as well as realizing the connection they had as they met when Gon was younger years ago without realizing it. Though that was mostly just talking with a dash of action, we also started to see some of the events involving the new opponent of the arc with the Chimera Ant and what it will mean, getting a look at the Queen and how she operates. It was pretty minimal, but it was enough to give you a clue as to the basic nature of things. We also got the more simple version of the Chimera Ant introduced and made to understand how dangerous that is, even being a Class 1 quarantined creature. READ MORE...


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