Hunter X Hunter Episode #79 Anime Review

Evolution is a tricky thing and it can wreck havoc on a lot of things. Such appears to be the case here as a new generation of Chimera Ant soldiers being born are unlike what the Queen has had before where they’re taking on names and showing stronger individualistic aspects than she’s seen before. It may be what they need to evolve and survive in this harsher world though, but I loved that she’s showing some concern over it since it does show a difference from what’s gone on before. We got a good bit of time with these soldiers before as they start wanting their own names and are more in competition with each other in some ways while achieving their larger goals. We also got a good bit of explanation about how this situation has managed to grown by focusing on the NGL territory and why it’s so backwards in certain ways that would allow the Chimera Ants to operate without being noticed for so long. READ MORE...


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